Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Up a steep and very narrow stairway, to the voice like a metronome..."

Friday night K-to-the-ROC called with an invite to attend the ballet. Never one to turn down a cultural experience, I marched my ass down to her office in the Hearst building intent on seeing La Bayadere in a hoodie and sneakers. While at her office, I not only got mad schwag from candles to skin products, but I also was photographed sitting in the chair of a certain multi-billion dollar mogul who shall remain nameless – a photo which I sadly cannot post here.

La Bayadere was fabulous. Though the story is set in ancient India, with the exception of two asian girls the entire cast was lilly white, but I do suppose it’s hard to find brown people trained in ballet. Nonetheless, the story is filled with snakes hidden in baskets, violent struggles, opium smoking, idol worship, secret affairs, a vengeful ghost, and mass murder by the angered Gods. Basically everything I look for in theatre.

Today I had a dim sum feast followed by a pedicure. There was so much more I had to report, but it is all a distant memory at the moment.

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