Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dogs think they are human. Cats think they are God.

Jackie pants sometimes (and also had a little bought of sneezing and hacking, which disturbs me) so I decided to do some research online (never a good idea for the hypochondriac and hyper-paranoid individual like msyelf) and came across this: Cats can pant?

The comments there are divided into two factions. One faction says that it's usually just from being hot and worked up, which is comforting, because this cat plays HARD and this apartment, despite windows open and fans in constant use, is blazing. The other faction is the faction that speaks words that keep me up all night by claiming that it is the sign of a heart condition at best, and sudden death at worst. "Jeff" posted:

Our cat has panted on and off, but not related to temperature. The other day he was panting and started to dry-heave. He started to dry-heave so violently, he was throwing himself a couple feet across the room. In less than 10 minutes he ended up collapsing, dead. After speaking with the vet, they determined it was an underlying heart condition that eventually his body could not handle with age. I’m not saying all panting indicates a heart condition, but be careful and try to observe patterns. We noticed our cat would pant most often during stressful experiences.

[the author gasps in horror] As a new cat parent, that really puts me over the edge and we're going to go to the vet soon. But I know she is going to freak out over getting back in the cat carrier, and how any vet is going to be able to even look at her face while she freaks out without sedating her is beyond me. She will not be a willing participant in her medical care.

In other news, our own Astoria Queens has made the news lately, as Saint Demetrius' ankle bone was stolen from a church right around the corner and then recovered from a pawn shop.

I took the day off to have the super come fix some things including the constant drip in the shower, so of course my house is even filthier now than it was before. Jackie strait up hissed at him which I publicly scolded her for, but she understood it was a wink-wink scolding and we laughed about it later. I finally took my ass all the way out to Target, which, for me, is a journey into wild frontiers, and lugged two rugs, a vacuum cleaner, and the Kelly Clarkson cd back on the subway. Now I am exahuasted. I am really good at buying cleaning supplies. I'm just not that good at actually cleaning.

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