Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Expect a lot of Cat Blogging

Jackie, my adopted cat, impersonated a very calm, sleepy kitty in the shelter, but her true personality (balls to the wall crazy) has emerged since she's become accostomed to her new house.

She has a favorite hiding spot, right under the bed, so as I have a murphy bed that raises into cabinet, I have been unable to raise it up for fear of crushing her. But this morning I quickly put it up while she was isolated in the living room, and upon her re-entry into the room she was BAFFLED. I loved it.

She is so funny with her aforementioned balance problems. Sometimes I just hear a "SPLAT" from the other room and run to check on her, only to find she's had an unfortunate yet unharmful leap from something.

Trying to teach her to stay off the top of things like dressers (how she got up there I have no idea) and encourage her to sleep at night when I sleep, which is not playtime.

Got to get my camera home from work for picture taking.

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