Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Going to the Capitol

I'm loving my new job -- and having an office and no time-clock ball-and-chain nonsense -- but a bitch is being worked hard. Which is fine. Tomorrow I'm going to DC so no me for a few days. Probably not much of me after that, either.

Did you hear some people tried to blow up JFK? Yeah. My grandmother apparantly heard "Queens" in the news story and suddenly every family member was calling making sure I was okay. At that point I hadn't even heard about it, but after I did, I was sure to tell them that they were in fact busted and I wasn't laying dead under a pile of rubble that used to be Long Island City because, as it were, there was no pile of rubble.

Also, the MTA is strait crazy. $3.00 subway fares? Have you heard about this potential shitstorm? Always something with them. Usually when they cry "broke" they are really in the midst of massive, unprecedented surpluses.

So there is this guy, Chino, and his cousin, Freddy, both of whom are a little sweet on me and both of whom are a shade shady. Freddy is absolutely beautiful and I would give it all up for him could I trust him any further than I could throw his skinny ass. Chino on the ohter hand is not as cute and has an irritating speech impediment and long hair that fucking gets everywhere when he washes and brushes it.

Anyway Fred called the other day wanting to come over and I, trying to quit dealing with people who perpetuate shenanigans and encourage my bad behaviors, declined, and in an unheard of move, homeboy started in with "Please?" I don't care that it's raining. I don't care that you're on 8th Avenue in the rain. I don't care that some girl did this and Chino did that. I don't care. You can't come over.

There are new developments in my family but they will have to wait.

Not much more I can think of to chime in on really. Holla holla.

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bitchphd said...

Look at you, with the will power and shit!