Thursday, June 21, 2007

JT Leroy, Paris Hilton, Personal Frustration

The NY Post continues to report on the JT Leroy scandal and subsequent trial, all of which I am obsessed and fascinated. Laura Albert, the creator of the JT Leroy “persona” is being sued by the company that bought the movie rights, because the value of the property is lowered now that the truth has come out – that there is no JT Leroy outside of Albert’s imagination and her ex-boyfriend’s sister’s impersonation thereof.

Every day in the Post they make the point that “JT” had a big celebrity following –many of whom thought they actually knew him, just as the publishers did, when in fact it was a somewhat elaborate hoax, a word that Albert doesn’t like because she’s saying the whole thing now is a fucking Cybil situation.

What’s killing me, though, is that in every article they put in a little mention that the JT character had “many celebrity friends, like Madonna” and whoever else. I am pretty certain that ole Madge Ritchie was not one of the celebrity “friends” of JT Leroy, or else she would’ve been writing songs and books about him and producing the movies of his books, as you know she gets committed to her fucking interests. Is there any confirmation of her every even mentioning him or communicating with “him”? I don’t think so. NY Post, check your facts and your sources.

On another note, maybe you’ve heard that Paris Hilton is in jail? It’s been in the news a tiny bit. Anyway now NBC is planning to give her $1 million upon her release for an interview about her time in jail. What could this possibly entail? She likely looked at the four walls and cried a lot, while thinking she’s getting all spiritual and metaphysical on our asses because she read The Secret. Why anyone would give her ONE dollar for ANYTHING is beyond me. It makes me mad, even.

In other news, [REDACTED] I am ready to move on from this place at some point but there is no where to go and that makes me want to break down and weep.

I'm also a bit concerned every day that this blog is going to be exposed, or expose me as it were.


Scatty D. said...

I haven't been following the JT Leroy scandal lately so I appreciate your update. You may or may not remember that I have two J.T. Leroy novels which were signed by "him". Maybe they'll be worth something on Ebay? In other news, W.O.W. has completely destroyed my productivity as you predicted, but I can shoot a mean fireball for yo ass. Holla!

Stroll said...

You have to add me to your friends list and whisper me on WOW posthaste!