Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Less Miserable

Yes, I'm adding a song now with every entry. :)

A friend was in town from Charlotte with some colleauges, so we've made our way around town and last night caught Les Miserables which I had never seen and which is fabulous. I relate of course to the innkeeper's daughter: dirt poor, can't get her man, and the first to die in the revolution.

After the show we all went for drinks and I was reminded that people who do not live in the City complain a whole hell of a lot about walking. It was like ten blocks max we walked and these people were acting like it was the fucking Trail of Tears.

Once I had drank myself into a good judgement-impaired moment, I ran into Chino and Freddy who are now both dead to me because they are so damn shady. But that's another tale for another day. Voodoo on you and a pox on your house. I have a chicken bone stewing and all the locks of that long nasty hair that I will ever need.

Meanwhile, I am an unfit mother to Jackie. As a single mother of a disabled child I have to stop, as SDA would say, putting her in the hallway with a bowl of cheerios while mama turns a trick. I have to stop introducing her to these strange men and giving her false hopes of having a father.

For those of you who may be new please note that Jackie is a cat.


Christine said...

Unfit mother! I will report you to ACS (Association for Cat Services).

Stroll said...

Please don't call ACS! I'm making changes, really I am. I only want what's best for my baby girl! ;)