Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well we scheme and we scheme but we always blow it; We've yet to crash but we still might as well enjoy it

Cha-ching-chino introduced me to which is like YouTube for songs. I can't yet figure out how this is in any way legal, but there are Official Artist endorsements so musicians must be making coins on it somehow. At any rate, it will likely be shut down soon, so enjoy while it lasts.

I have been such a bad blogger, and I know that this makes countless hundreds of thousands of people around the entire world cry a little bit on the inside at least. But I'll be back in full form soon.

You may recall that I am on a personal, first name basis with Senator Clinton and her husband. Well I am also on a personal email level with Barak Obama and many of his friends (through their campaign website of course). Just trying to stay abreast of the "front runners" as it were, and I have to say I like Clinton and Obama both and hope they don't have to smear each other too bad en route to the nomination of the Democratic Party. Anyway, Obama's camp keeps sending little email about how, if you donate at least $5, you will be entered into a random drawing to have dinner with Obama and three other lucky peeps. To me this reeks of buying a lottery ticket, a vote-for-me-and-I'll-give-you-something-cool move, and it kind of turns me off in a major way as a campaign fundraising tactic. So, a strike against Mr. O. I have been leaning towards Hillary anyway, even though she is clearly unclear on where she stands on the war, and it's unfortunate that war -- in which many actual human beings die or worse -- has to be politiked like everything else. Weighed and measured and polled -- what will people like for us to say about it? This is the way of th world I guess. John Edwards called "the war on terror" a bumper sticker slogan and as honest and right as he is on that, that statement no doubt will haunt him and he will undoubtedly never, ever be POTUS.

My new job is kicking my ass in major ways and as usual my confidence in my abilities is thin as paper. My boss seems to like me though. She praised my first little project. But the ongoing, massive amounts of work are already causing me to panic. If there's one thing I'm good at, though, it's working through a panic.

Jackie the cat is, how shall I say, not a mental giant. But I still love her. She's come around, doing better with her balance issues, and beginning to understand that 7:00 AM is not playtime (but she's still not too clear on that). She's a good cat. And that's the last I'll say about her for a while. I'm totally like Kathy Lee Gifford who would never shut up about her son Cody when she was on television. I could talk about my feline daughter for hours ... but I won't.

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