Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"And I know myself too well, and the devil speaks to me, and he's got me pinned down now, telling me I'm so empty..."

Two things about my two favorite big tittied bitches of rock and roll.

First, hear the awesome new song "Car Crash" on Courtney Love's revamped (rehabbed?) website, and "Dirty Girls" on her MySpace page. I am so excited about her new CD I could spit.

Second, a quick story. When I was a young gay child I was figuring out who I was around the time of Truth or Dare, Madonna's documentary of the Blond Ambition Tour. I managed to get my dad to drive me all the way downtown to "Rainbow News & Cafe", because it was the only place in those days that sold The Advocate magazine. Of course, he didn't know that's why I wanted to go there. I went in quickly, bought every magazine with Madonna on the cover (which was every magazine short of Field and Stream at the time) and returned to the pickup truck. He wanted to see what I got, so I flashed a few at him, and no one was the wiser that it was the gay news magazine. Until about a year later when my mom found all my gay research under my dresser. But I digress.

It was a two part interview, so I had to make another trip later for the next issue. I was absolutely fascinated and obsessed with this interview. It sounds silly but getting those two issues of The Advocate were defining moments in my life.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Oliver, the "strait" dancer in the tour and in the film, is not nor was ever "strait," and the whole thing was staged. But that's not the point of all this. The point is that now The Advocate is running the infamous 1991 "X-rated" interview again online. She talks about gays, her dancers, her relationships, her art collection, Michael Jackson, Warren Beaty, the House of Xtravaganza, all kinds of shit, and note, at the very end, she recites the Anne Sexton poem "For John, Who Begs Me Not to Inquire Further" in its entirety, citing it as "the reason why I made my movie".

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