Friday, July 27, 2007

"Fashion is not a luxury" redux

Information from commenters and a simple Google search reveal to me that the "Fashion is not a luxury" t-shirt discussed in the previous post is part of Sarah Jessica Parker's line for tabby ass Steve and Barry's, which is actually a good place to find cheap basics and I have admittedly shopped there. It is perhaps the only reason to visit the Manhattan Mall, outside of Daffy's.

Maybe I was a bit hard on ole SJP, given that the meaning behind her "Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right" is supposed to be "even minimum wage earners should be able to have nice things." But it's still a pretty stupid slogan, because a $20 coat is still a luxury for many people right here in the U.S. of A. For the most part, we in the United States live in a land of abundance and privilege. Even though that is the case, 99% of us could live the rest of our lives in relative comfort without ever purchasing another article of clothing. We all like nice, new things. We all like to be fashionable and current. It doesn't change the fact that "fashion" is not a "right". Furthermore, she's not exactly breaking new ground here. H&M and Old Navy come to mind as places to find "affordable" "fashion" as cute as SJP's if not as restricted to "under $20 per item" as hers is. (H&M by the way provides my work drag with a handy selection of solid colored polo tops for $10 a pop.) And I still contend that as stylish as you try to make it, a t-shirt with a stupid sentence printed across the front is not "fashion" anyway. So there.

Here is a good post on the subject of "Fashion is not a luxury" emphasizing the contrast between "fashion is for the rich" and "ethical consumption is for the rich".

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