Monday, July 09, 2007

It will be the next Wicked

Abigail Williams is the name of both an historical figure and a fictional character. She is the real girl upon which The Crucible is based, but in The Crucible her age is raised to make her unhistorical-entirely-fictional affair with John Proctor more realistic. At the end of the play Arthur Miller wrote a little post script about each of the characters. For Abigail, Miller wrote that she went to Boston and became a prostitute, but historically speaking, no one knows what happened to her after the Salem Witch Trials.

So my million dollar idea is to write the story of what happened to ole Abigail Williams after the Salem Witch Trials, in the spirit of Grendel by James Gardner and the novels of Gregory Maguire. In fact, I will write Chapter One soon. Very soon.

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Christine said...

Sounds very interesting. Those kinds of books often do very well -- The Girl with the Pearl Earring, etc.