Sunday, July 08, 2007

This blog is a work of fiction if anybody's askin'.

I'm here in NC, and spent the last two days in Winston-Salem. After my cousin's wedding, I got up with Lito and we ran some errands before getting ready for a night on the town at the local gay bar, Odyssey. I happened to run into one of my first loves which was hysterical and sweet and fun and exciting. I might have a date later this week, we'll see.

After the club, Lito, being the only person I know who would get behind me on such a harebrained scheme let alone participate fully, helped me steal street signs. Yes, I have the life-fulfillment goals of a junior in high school. Anyway, we got the ones I wanted! One that I wanted forever downtown that is a funny word and another that I've wanted forever that is for the street named after my family. This involved strait-up lassoing the posts and pulling them down with the pick-up truck. At one point we had to outrun a little facility security guard which provided the true excitement of the evening.

I watched the Charm School reunion tonight as I'm obsessed with Charm School. It is a hugely exploitative, patriarchal tool that does nobody any good but I can't resist watching that shit. For the record I LOVE the winner Saphyrie and runner-up Leiline. Anyway, the greatest line from the whole season of the show? "You're the whore of Charm School!"

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