Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Tree Grows In Queens (Not About a Cat Climbing It)

My obsession with my family tree continues, and I've managed to get a ton of information out of my grandmother lately, not to mention my two second cousins who have joined me at, which I have written before is the best thing to ever happen to the amateur genealogist. My goal is to identify a link to Germany before I go there in November, but apparently all the branches of my family have been here since friggin' Columbus.

However, I did discover that before coming to the United States, my grandmother's family was on the French side of the French/German border and immigrated to Pennsylvania with the original Moravians in 1750 and soon after to North Carolina where they changed the spelling of their name. So I am part German speaking Frog. Some of that research comes from someone else's research online, so who knows how accurate it is. I emailed the woman that runs the site but she has yet to respond. I looks good to me though, as she cites her sources and is amazingly thorough, noting questionable individuals and gaps in the records.

I wish that I had had the foresight to talk to the two great grandmothers I had the luck to know before they died, not to mention my grandfather who died in the 80's and my other grandmother who died in the 90's. My grandma told me that right before I was in Greensboro, there was a huge family reunion of my grandpa's people, which I of course knew nothing about and am sad to have missed. They wouldn't have known me from Adam though, but I still could have crashed the party, letting them know I am the CROOKED CHALICE OF THE FAMILY BLOOD! Just being dramatic now, but I'm seriously thinking about contacting some of my great uncles and aunts who are still alive, but it might freak them out. These are people I haven't seen in years and years, who are all now officially old as dirt, but I used to spend an insane amount of time with my great uncles in Virginia learning how to do things like raft and shoot guns. Surely they remember the fey one that inevitably got stuck in the middle of the river in nothing but an inner tube and a cloud of fear. My aim with a .22 rifle was, and remains, fabulous, however.

In other news I have all these pictures from North Carolina to add to my less wholesome seedy hotel project, but I just have to get around to labeling them and doing little write-ups.

Oh, and maybe you heard that part of New York blew up yesterday.

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