Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am the VICTIM here, Alexyss!!

The good Lord knows I've been taken a time or two by a hustler, and the good Lord knows my heart bleeds for a sweet black boy, but I have to say that Alexyss "Vagina Power" Tylor, who you may remember from the slew of videos that were making the rounds a while back, hits the nail on the head. In this latest episode, brought to my attention by S.D., Alexyss educates the masses about white men and the "black boys bustin' they assholes out", and how everybody's takin' it in the ass.

She is a riot. For the record my anus is perfectly in tact, thank you very much.


S.D.A said...

Needless to say, I fell out. I may "suck a dick up, 'til I hiccup", but thankfully don't eat krystal snacks or wear pampers. I wonder if it's widely known that the sizeable incontinence industry is kept in business as a result of people riding King Kong dicks? Leave it to Alexyss to bring the hardcore investigative reporting.

bitchphd said...

It's true. I'm totally competing with you, Stroll, and I'm going to sue you when I end up in an old age home wearing Depends.

I love Alexyss so much.