Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pushing for DDT

Bedbug update from today's Page Six:
[...] rail service in France was disrupted after bedbugs (punaises de lit) attacked passengers on a Nice-to-Metz sleeper train. Cracked one expat, "No wonder [French president Nicolas] Sarkozy is vacationing in America".

In related news (kind of), the organization "Africa Fighting Malaria" has issued a press release [.pdf] today about a study from Public Library of Science recommending a return to the use of DDT to combat the spread of malaria in Africa. I fully support this, and while we're at it, let's bring that stuff back to stop the bedbug epidemic -- pandemic even -- and let my mind rest easy over the thoughts that they're coming for me. The only thing I'm worried about with all my upcoming travels is bringing bedbugs home with me.

Speaking of bedbugs a huge post on those heinous little critters is forthcoming, but I got to work three hours late today, the office is closing early, I have mad personal crap to tend to, and as my life begins to unravel around me I have been neglecting the most important things in life like blogging.

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