Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reasons to be Beautiful

I have spent the weekend moving furniture and endless boxes with a friend. I have some new furniture. This is only the beginning as it was only moved to storage and when his closing happens we'll have the joy of doing it again. I am an awesome friend! There are a variety of stories that come out of this, the best of which involves murdering a couch and disposing of the body. Will detail later perhaps.

In the meantime, researchers continue to prove the obvious. All they had to do was give me $5,000 for lipo and botox and get me started talking about my family, gosh.

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S.D.A said...

I have also concluded recently that researchers have apparently run out of groundbreaking, valid, topics to research. One of my personal favorites involved a study delving into the happiness level of people living in impoverised, crime ridden neighborhoods, vs. that of people living in middle class, relatively safe neighborhoods. I mean, I know B.T. delights in living like a penny with a hole in it, but most of us enjoy a permanant address.