Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some of the best NY Post headlines ever.

There is something immoral about this, I have to say. The dog, "Trouble", is said to be pampered to the point of only eating gourmet prepared meals and being hand fed. Well I'm here to tell you it would learn damn quick to settle for Purina if I were in charge of that $12 million trust. It's also known to bite people which would get it a swift kick in the head from yours truly, millionaire or not. She also left two of her grandchildren nothing, and taking a line strait from Joan "Mommie Dearest" Crawford, stated this is "for reasons known to them".

The jokes write themselves about this fool.

More later...


S.D.A. said...

Who is going to be executor of Jackie's trust fund?

Stroll said...

Hopefully, I will outlive her, but if not my immense debt and humble book/porn collection will go to whoever is willing to scoop her turds for the rest of her life.