Friday, August 24, 2007

The Tobi!

I'm going to get a donation button to slap up on this here blog, so people can donate to such great causes as me owning this absolutely necessary and required machine.

Last night I went to bed at 8:00 PM after a long day, and Jackie was pissed about this, as she received no attention. This morning I awoke to discover that, as a gesture signifying "fuck you", she had destroyed the shower curtain. She had taken her frustrations out on it before, but this time she just ripped the thing to shreds. So. I'm off to buy a new shower curtain.


ronn said...

OMG!! I just saw this for the first time last nite when I awoke to turn off the TV. I am sooo getting this once I move.

When I worked at Bergdorf's, I would run to the basement and use their similar contraption when I had a wrinkly day.

Stroll said...

I saw this at like 5 AM on TV too! When I was in high school I was in love with this guy that worked at Structure, which at the time I thought was the height of fashion, and we used to go there for our personal use of their steam machine.