Friday, September 07, 2007

Not that I commit acts of heroism for the glory, I'm just sayin'

Have you seen this anti-drug commercial, wherein the girl's dog tells her, "I wish you didn't smoke weed."

And immediately thought, "That girl ain't smokin' weed, she's TRIPPING ON ACID." I know I'm not the only one.

In other news, I totally saved a small child's life today. She was about two, and as her mother was struggling with her stroller yelling, "Molly! MOLLY!", little Molly was making a run for it strait into oncoming traffic.. I reached down and caught her with one hand, turned her around, and walked her by the arm back to her mother. Who was not nearly as grateful as I expected, by the way.


K. said...

Well, her lack of gratitude may have something to do with this.

That article royally pissed me off today.

Stroll said...

You know K, I actually have a lot to say on the subject of that article. I sometimes don't keep my blog promises but I'm going to blog about that!

MT said...

She might well be of the philosophy that if there was anything to thank you for--you really saved her child's life--then as the mother she was guilty of something terrible. No reason a psychological life-saving maneuver can't be as fast as a physical one. That or she was so mad at the tyke or herself that couldn't think of anything else. Butterflies in Borneo sometimes cause these things too.

MT said...

It's "straight" BTW, except as in Dire and Magellan, although I can see how that paragraph might have been a kind of perfect storm.