Monday, September 17, 2007

I am very confrontational in my old age.

Did I mention I got a new computer? It is basically built with parts from Romulus and is more advanced than I even begin to know what to do with. So I have been playing mad World of Warcraft like a true dork. Bladefist realm, Windchaser battlegroup, Golddust level 62 undead warlock. Come find me and I’ll throw a shadow bolt at your ass!

There has been so much I wanted to write about (blog cliché – as if anyone cares about what I’ve wanted to write about) but I have been busy basically running a multi gazillion dollar non profit religious empire. In other words, I have had a lot of paper pushing and bullshitting to do. This weekend I saw Stardust which is a cute movie. During the movie this infant child started crying loudly and her dad kept taking her over behind the banister where you enter the theater to calm her.

People were all leaning forward in their seats trying to send hints. As soon as he’d return she’d start crying again. Being behind the little banister area did nothing to shield the audience from her crying, though, and finally (to the horror of my movie companion Kevondrala) I said, “We can still here her.” According to Kevondrala though it was more like “WE CAN STILL HERE HER.” Honey, he grabbed the other child – still in the theater—and strait* left. I felt kind of bad about it, especially with Kevondrala telling me how rude it was, but damn. Don’t bring your 6 month old baby to see a movie with scary monsters and loud noises! I paid $11 for that movie! Okay, well I didn’t but still! My fellow moviegoers should not have viewed me as some asshole but as their liberator! (Another case of behavior that is one day going to lead to the proverbial "biting off more than one can chew".)

*Murky Thoughts, I refuse to use the “gh” in strait!


bitchphd said...

Hey, six month old babies can usually be taken to movies. I used to just nurse PK through 'em.

I remember basically spendign Gosford Park in the lobby, though, after I had to leave with him a couple times. And not too long after that he totally had a fit about the fire scene in O Brother Where Art Thou, and I knew my baby-movie-going days were, alas, over.

Anyway, I think it sounds like both dad and you were trying to do the right thing, and he left once he realized it was a lost cause, so, hey. These things happen.

Stroll said...

Honestly I wasn't trying to be as bitchy as something like that inevitabley comes across as. I was sincerely trying to say, "being behind the banister is not accomplishing what you're trying to accomplish, which is shield us from noise." And I felt bad for him, because he no doubt felt embarrassed by my shout out. I also felt bad for the older kid who had to miss out on the movie. :-/

WhozHe said...

Rude or not, it worked.

S.D.A. said...

I've heard that you're all I want to be, a walking study in Demonology... I wouldn't feel bad about giving a little shout out, I think it's the pressure of living here that occasionally causes a boil over. Every morning I have to bite my lip to keep from belting out, MOVE YOU STUPID BITCH! Oh, and while I'm rambling, I remember Kevondrala rightfully reading some foolio for talking on his cellphone during a movie. Everyone was silently thanking him, and I'm sure they were thanking you too.

S.D.A. said...

P.S.- I'm not justifying my early morning sidewalk/train rage, I just wanted to add that it's truly not misogynistic, it's equal opportunity scorn. But I'm such a sweet person inside.

bitchphd said...

No, what I was trying to say is that you didn't sound bitchy; it sounded like the kind of thing that's awkward, but, hey. There comes a point.

(And don't worry, the older kid will make sure dad doesn't bring the baby next time.)

bitchphd said...

Also I love our li'l exchanges about kids in public. Gives me hope for the future that the be-kidded and the fuck-no-get-out-of-my-way-you-little-hellion types can all learn to get along.


MT said...

Spurn my "gh" will you! You will rue the day, Stroll.