Monday, October 01, 2007

Death of Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson, a New York performing artist and "nightlife fixture", was found dead Saturday in Washington, DC at 45 years old. The cause of death is undetermined as yet. There is drug related speculation, as there usually is with people involved in party promoting and rock-n-rolling.

When I came to New York City, I used to see him a lot at places like The Cock and The Hole. One Halloween he said he was in costume as "the ghost of Jonbenet Ramsey". I thought that was the funniest thing ever.

I didn't know him, but one time from the stage he read a poem written in sharpie on ripped out notebook paper. When he was done he reached out and handed it to me. For some reason, I held onto that poem -- which cannot be recited here on this family blog -- and have it to this day. I admired him. It's really sad.

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S.D.A. said...

Wow, I remember that night so vividly now. No one can top Dean Johnson with blond pigtails and mary jane shoes as the ghost of Jon Benet Ramsey! While not a fan (per se) of the Velvet Mafia (the band/group he fronted), I still give him mad props for doing his thing and being a part of the scene here that we all enjoyed. God Speed Dean!