Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh, MRSA, MRSA me, lord things ain't what they used to be...

Here’s one more thing on my list of things that keep me up at night and make me never want to leave the house: MRSA, a “superbug” strain of staph, is on the rise and killing more people than AIDS. You can get it from casual contact. It survives on hard surfaces, fabrics, and skin. We need a new “science approach” to solve this problem. It's becoming a bigger and bigger issue in every state and worldwide. In fact, there is a recent outbreak in a high school in Connecticut. The world is really becoming a place where we are all going to have to wear giant condoms over our whole bodies.

Increasingly horrifying is the fact that I know someone who's had this. I've seen the point of infection and it ain't pretty. In fact, I tended the wound. And I've had a staph infection in the past months (TMI), albeit not this kind, but damn! I am a hypochondriac but it's a defense mechanism. Is it only a matter of time before my face is eaten off by an infection, bedbugs, or my cat? More later, a bitch is busy today.

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