Monday, October 22, 2007

Pageant Place

I took today and tomorrow off to handle some things around here and I've got a surprising amount of this done I've been meaning to do. Also I think I have a hot little date tonight, on a Monday, close to 11:00 PM. Good lord.

But I wanted to take a moment tonight to address a pressing concern. That is: Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA living in a Manhattan apartment together with former drug-rehabbed Miss USA Tara Conner thrown into the mix. This is a recipe for reality television complete with crying, hair pulling, and backstabbing. First, if there were ever any reason to believe that Donald Trumps beauty pageants had any credibility in...well...anything, that reason has been shot to hell by this television program on MTV. Secondly, Donald Trump can no longer be said to be in the real estate business, he is in the business of self-promotion and publicity whoring. He of course knows the cat fighting and eye scratching that is going to happen and that is of course WHY he's re-hired the former Miss USA -- to the chaggrin of the other queens who loathe her for various reasons, not the least of which is the thunder-stealing during their reigns -- as she is the most famous Miss USA ever due to her well reported love for coke and drink. And lastly, what kind of world is this we live in when Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are being photographed -- as documented on the show -- in slutty outfits and in suggestive poses with boys. Oh that's right, the same ole shit covered world it has always been. The world where beauty pageant winners are put on reality TV to make fools of themselves and others.

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