Friday, November 02, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and really the only one I enjoy celebrating. I was in Fort Worth, Texas which is the bastard child of Dallas and the year 1973, so I didn't get to do much, but I did go out to the local gay bars which was an ... experience. People kept asking me if I was having "culture shock" in Texas, to which I would reply that I used to live in Texas, and I come from a long line of this countries finest rednecks, so I feel right at home. I went as an alcoholic motormouth and I didn't even have to buy a costume!

A lot happened, that night actually, including the driving of a vehicle that is not mine for someone I don't know who was way too drunk and who gave me a gift of some tabby cologne from Niemen Marcus, where he worked, and was very proud of the fact. That will come to light later.

Now I'm waiting on my new roommate to get here, and I have done nothing to prepare for her immenent arrival. I have to make the space for all this. On Sunday Buddy, the cat, will make his transition as well. There is going to be pussy all over this place.

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