Thursday, November 15, 2007

I do not have the time, energy or patience to be chasing down a man.

So these fools better call when they say they’re gonna call. And if you leave any belongings with me and I don’t hear from you for long enough, it will quite possibly be thrown to the cats who will promptly tear it into pieces.

I am going to Prague on Saturday. The nine hour flight will likely kill me, but if it doesn’t, and if you don’t hear about a plane en route to the Czech Republic having to be grounded because of an American passenger gone mad, I plan on having a grand ole time until Sunday, when I will be taken by car across the border into Zittau, Germany. On Wednesday I depart from Prague arriving in NY on Thursday afternoon. I am very excited about this trip and hope I have time to enjoy the localities. Zittau ain’t exactly the metropolis you hear about, but Berlin isn’t too far away. If you have any information on these places as pertains to the gay business traveler, please advise.


S.D.A. said...

I've heard to avoid eating any meat from street vendors in Prague. Unless virulent food poisoning is on the menu.

Stroll said...

...will it make me skinny though?

MT said...

Cool! Viel Spass! Aber don't get deine willie brandt.