Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I have just had a genius idea for an invention, but I don't even know how to begin bringing it to life, so have at it. Wireless USB ports. For example, you have a digital camera that you need to get the pictures off of on your computer. Instead of having to look for the stupid cord like I've been doing for hours, you simply push a button and the USB port on the computer magically and cordlessly connects to the camera. I'm sure there is something like this out there, but let me go on believing I'm the first to think of it please.

What has sparked this idea is the fact that I want to post pictures of Buddy, my new cat, in action with Jackie, my other cat. They are wary of each other -- a little hissing and some crazy noises I've never heard from a living thing coming from Jackie's gut -- but they are learning to love each other. Last night I brokered a peace agreement, and I think that, soon enough, they will be best friends. Jackie is pretty small, sassy, and prissy, while Buddy is BEHEMOTH, lazy, and rugged. They are the Mutt & Jeff of cats.

I keep telling Jackie, "that's your brother. You have to love him." Both of them are busy talking to me but even though I know some bits and pieces, I'm not fluid in cat-language.

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MT said...

Mmmm. I'm not much better than a rube about these things, but that sounds like sort of a non-starter. I mean, you might say they give you this unique standard physical connector so you don't need to configure the sender and receiver software-wise to a) find each other or b) (if gadgeteers aren't so unanimous about some non-physical hand-shake signal as they are about USB, then) communicate. Those Bluetooth USB adapters or "dongles" for wireless mice and headsets etc seem like more or less the thing you're talking about--now that I think of it. A "universal dongle" might be the thing to propose--one that you could plug into the USB of any USB-capable device. Voila! It appears Google has heard of "universal dongle" and yours is not a lonely lament. Amazing what one can accomplish by just pure deduction and Google.