Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Good things that happened:

I got high praise from my boss, in front of the whole department (I wasn't present).
I got a lot of work done, despite two big long meetings.
I confirmed that my hotel rooms for Prague are bedbug free.
I talked to love-interest number two, who IM'd.
I talked to love-interest number one, who called.
I started getting over this cold, with the aid of Alka Seltzer Gel Caps, aka The Hardcore.
I leveled my paladin to 40 and can now summon a warhorse, wear plate armor, and cast Blessing of Life.

Bad thing that happened:

I discovered that I am the victim of IDENTITY THEFT! How these people got so much credit baffles me, as I wouldn't be able to do it, and I'm the REAL ME. An investigation and resolution process is underway.


MT said...

It's nice that the identity they stole is well liked at work. How do you check for bedbugs online? Oh, online reviews? Hmmm...

K. said...

Oh, ick on the identity theft. Hopefully you can get everything resolved quickly.

I hope you're having (or have had) a smashing time on your trip.