Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dear Mr. Lee in Room 210

I'm sorry I just left you a message on your phone at 11:00 PM. I know you are probably sleeping and have no idea who I am. I'm here for the conference thingy, and I have no idea where I'm suppoed to go tomorrow morning, and I'm terrified of giving my little presentation for TWO HOURS when it will really only take me TEN MINUES. So I have a game devised to play with the first of two sets of SEVENTY sixth through twelvth graders who will be sitting in on this little workshop and probably shooting spitballs at me and calling me fag. I know none of this really concerns you anyway, because YOU ARE THE WRONG PERSON. It was meant for Mr. KONG who is not even HERE YET. I'm sorry I just went with the first Asian sounding last name I heard. Hey, btw, my middle name is Lee, isn't that cool?

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