Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm over at Tommy D and Kirstanthemum's for a little New Year celebration. A bitch is tore down and fucked up! While they are in dispose I've hijacked the computer just to put some mushy, lovey-dovey words to all the readers of The Butch Stroll (all six of you). And to those of you who are my friends "in real life", just know that there are but a few of you and that only means that you are the cream of the crop, people I think are AWESOME and in tune, and who I couldn't live without.

Happy New Year! Thank you for coming here to read my nonsense and thank you for the kind words throughout this year and the past years I've been doing this drivel. In 2008 there is going to be a whole new Butch Stroll, and a whole new, renewed, reborn me. I'm seriously going to take it to another level in '08 with "big thangs poppin" as the kids say. Lots of projects and promotions are on the table for me, and I'm going to take the bull by the horns with Operation Fabulous 2008 on the front burner. I might even post pictures of myself because I am the painful combination of hyper-vain, mad-ugly, and strangley-interesting to look at, and I'm hoping The One will stumble through and be confused enough to think I'm cute.

On a final and serious note, I love those of you who pay me visits and leave me comments and have even a modicum of interest in what I have to say. Happy New Year -- may it be your best yet.



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Girl. Looking forward to the new "reborn" Butch Stroll in 2008 - though the current B.S. keeps me interested and coming back...

Holla on the FLIP (2008)

K. said...

Happy New Year!

bitchphd said...

Happy belated new year to you, too :)