Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love Comes Quickly, Whatever You do...

Well I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze. So far as Christmas at home goes, for me it was what is to be expected. A lot of food, a lot of chatter, a maelstrom of denial and repression. I can count on my grandmother to fill me in on the dish I’m not getting from my parents, as that woman keeps her ear to the ground, I tell ya. That might be where I get it from.

My little 4 year old cousin G is buck wild and I liked to have fell on the floor laughing when his grandmother told him at one point: “Santa and Jesus BOTH are listening to you today!”

Enough about the homestead, though. In the off hours I met my little internet friend and I am so in love with him. So sweet and pretty. I would give it all up for him. I met another little friend of mine too, and I did give it all up for him. I am fucking in love with him, for real. But I don’t want to come off crazy so of course I’m keeping that to myself. At any rate I expect coldness and shade as is the story of my life upon finding one I want to keep, even if he is a thousand miles away. I ain’t gonna be in the Big, Rotten Apple forever, so I’ve got my eyes open globally. But sadly I think this one might be done with me, with limited response to messages and what-not. He also happens to be deaf, and he can’t speak a whole lot either -- the perfect man. But que sera sera. Another flash in the pan.

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