Thursday, December 27, 2007

Love is a Battlefield.

Shouted down by the highway right outside
Closed doors with a chain lock and a dead bolt,
Tired, so tired from driving,
The magic gun fires and everything is lost,
Spilled out like a bag of marbles.
This time of year everyone expects
Miracles, laughter, and joy, wrapping paper
Covering boxes full of toys
And no one’s the wiser about sharp objects.
Those last few hours were marked, on my new watch,
By arms outstretched hugging the world,
WhenI heard train whistles and car horns
And that was that.
A new year is coming with confetti
And disco balls dropping from on high.
This is a time to start over, to write
Promises in chalk on sidewalks
And shove those angels back in their caves,
But they’re already running,
The moherfuckers are so far gone and you know this.

They couldn't give a damn.

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