Friday, December 07, 2007

Other Duties as Assigned

I think that every job description in the history of mankind has included "other duties as assigned," which basically means that no matter what they've hired you for, if they ask you to do some bullshit you still have to do it. It's a seemingly innocent little addition that means you've signed your life away to an employer.

The other day I had my performance evaluation. It went well, I guess, as I am told I "meet expectations in all areas, and exceed them in some." Woot. During this exercise in futility, where we went over my review forms line by line, my boss says to me, "and thank you for doing all those administrative tasks without ever saying 'that's not in my job description!'" because we are without an administrative assistant, so I basically do that full time job too, though she want's to hire someone for it "on a part time basis." But what gets my goat is, rather than just leave at that and make me feel good about my obedience and servitude, she has to throw in, "of course those things are covered under 'other duties as assigned.'" So why even thank me for doing them? I mean you know if you tell me to go shovel piles of dog shit behind the building, you know I'm gonna do it.

Today was The World Church of Assimilation Holiday Extravaganza and Staff Appreciation Event, for which I was on the planning committee. It went off without a hitch, but the whole time I couldn't help but think if this is a staff appreciation event, then what about the six of us who are planning it? I appreciate myself, indeed. During the set up there was a need for a table and couch from another floor, which I got singlehandedly because I am awesome and all powerful, but managed to crush my foot under the huge glass tabletop.

Lately I feel increasingly like I work at the wrong place. I like my job. I like the little perks, and there are a few. But if I have to sit in a holiday party that I planned and listen to a gospel choir and endless prayers -- one to open, one before the food, one to close -- I'm really going to lose it. Religion haunts me and I can't figure out for the life of me how I've ended up working for one in a career capacity for longer than any other job I've ever had. Maybe God is trying to tell me something, but I doubt it, and I doubt my doubts.

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S.D.A. said...

I'm sure in her heart she meant nothing but thanks, but then it occurred to her that people bring litigation all the time, and place comments just like that on the record. Jesus saves, but a misspoken statement can cost you your coins!