Thursday, December 27, 2007

You sound like an artist.

I just did my little "workshop" at the camp, and promptly hauled ass back to my hotel. Today I had the middle school aged kids, who were pretty good actually. I had to ask one of them who was like 12 years old to help me set up the projector. I played this game with them and tried to tie it into the subject matter, but damn were they ever competetive. Tomorrow I have the high school kids who will likely be a much tougher crowd, so I'm trying to think up something different to do with them.

The one kid that helped me with the projector -- until one of the staff people informed me that "the kids are not supposed to touch the equipment" was a riot. He quite clearly had attention deficit disorder, but I'm glad he was there because he kind of livened up my sometimes dry subject matter. He was funny and, surprisingly, interested in the material. Once the game was over he kind of saved me as I resorted to PowerPoint.

Anyway the moment I always expect when working with groups of people, young or old, is the moment of being "clocked" -- being called out for being a big ole queen up in Emmitsburg. This queeny voice has haunted me since I was able to say my first word. Sure enough the little dude comes up beside me and says to me, in complete seriousness, "You sound like an artist."

I laughed and caught my breath. That's a new, gentle way to put it.

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