Sunday, January 06, 2008

‘Cause I love so much I hate…

Last night I went with SDA to ole Posh, or “Pursh” as we call it, and immediately upon entry had to plant my feet tightly into the ground and lean forward a little bit to become a pillar in which this queen running like a fool down the crowded side of the bar would smash into, stumbling backwards a bit, catching his balance, and then walking like a normal human being with some damn common sense.

Next, while ordering drinks, this little queen who did not like waiting his turn, sticks his head in the bartenders face and states his order, which the hot bartender man just ignored and took my order. He got a three dollar tip for that. As for the pocket-gay – a gay so tiny that you can stick him in your pocket – he looked at me with frustration and, Norma Desmond I ain’t, but with one look I can break your heart. I loved it.

Leaving, this girl ran up behind me in the very crowded space and slammed into me. I of course stopped causing her to bump into me again, and then she pushed me. I turned around and gave her a menacing look, and she gave me this open-mouthed “I’m appaled” look. I told her with her friends watching, “Don’t push me.” She kept looking at me like that and rather than throwing a cherry in her gaping hole, I asked her, “Or what?” And that was that.

Finally at another spot, Therapy – and honey there is no place more accurately named after what most of these punks, myself included, need – these three boys roll in and the little one says to me, “My friend’s boyfriend just stood him up, can you buy him a drink?” I looked at the friend, and said, “No, but I’m sorry about your boyfriend.” I mean, does that trick really work on people? Shit, if he would’ve at least been cute I probably would have.

In conclusion I am filled with anger, hatred, frustration, stress, and violence in 2008. Now I’m going to the gym because I am dedicated to physical fitness, and hopefully I can burn off some of this steam. lol

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