Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear Britney Spears

I’ve been a fan and supporter of yours from the beginning. I remember when “Hit Me Baby One More Time” came out. I lived in Texas at the time and my friend Shady and I used to sing along, every word, when it came on the radio. You went through some changes, grew up in years, and, still on top, kept coming out with pop music that I loved. You were kind of like a little Madonna or Janet – icons and pioneers of popular music that are still with us.

I hope that you are still with us in the coming years. Madonna and Janet had their scandals and controversies, but neither of them ever made the news because of being a danger to themselves or others. Like everyone I see the scrutiny you are under, a million photographers and reporters not only hoping you will stumble, but actively trying to cause you to stumble to get that shot for the headline: BRITNEY’S A MESS.

Also like everyone, I’ve seen how that’s gotten to you. Then you opened the VMA’s and a maelstrom of criticism erupted – everything from your weight to your dancing which I know had to be hurtful.

First of all, that man that left his babies’ mama to marry you and have additional children did a NUMBER on you. He has his own conscience to deal with in terms of leaving her, but you have yours to deal with as well. He took you for a ride and got rich and famous in the process. And now with the media’s eye turned up on you more than ever, with bitches like Andrea Peyser, to name just one, writing full page articles about your parenting and lambasting you for your antics, and the cameras still around at all time, you are slipping further into an unreachable spot. Every time you have a “breakdown” it is worse than the time before.

Drugs and mental health problems are not mutually exclusive, and in fact often go hand in hand, and you really need someone to talk to besides Dr. Phil and his crazy, unqualified, publicity whoring ass. You’ve got to take some time out and find someone besides all the people around you who are looking for some coins to take you for. For one thing get away from people who are worried about your “image” but not your well being.

There’s conflict with your mom, and now your little sister has her teen pregnancy to deal with, and this only adds to your troubles and the scrutiny. But slow down. A lot of people were pleased that your latest CD turned out good but a lot of people are rooting for your failure and get giddy at the thought of you really doing damage to yourself. They’re bloodthirsty out there for “Ms. American dream since she was 17”. The thing is, Britney, you can’t give them the pleasure. You’ve got to listen to the judges and do what they say in regards to your kids and, when they are with you in your custody and care, do everything to protect and nurture them. People will forgive you for an awful lot but not for neglecting your kids, or worse.

You’ve got to make the effort not to get caught doing fucked up things while driving. You’ve got to find a way to avoid letting them piss you off so bad that you act out in ways that give them exactly what they want. And for God’s sake stay out from behind the wheel of a car.

I have every faith in you Britney – I know you can make yet another “comeback” from this despite the chatter all around that you can’t. Get your act together and your life back on track and put this current phase behind you.

The Butch Stroll

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