Thursday, January 10, 2008

I can't, of course, just quit my job.

Today in discussion with my boss about an important issue that involves my being able to my work, and the proper, efficient functioning of the office, I became exassperated and argumentative, and finally threw my hands up and said, "Fine." Fine with me if you see the need to do things in a way that creates more work for more people and slows the whole process down, and costs a ton of money. Fine with me if you want to do things a certain way and ignore the fact that I have nearly eight years of experience with these things that you don't touch. Fine with me if I continue to do two different jobs and a half-ass job at both of them. Fine with me that you "want to hear your concerns and input" and fine with me that you absolutely disregard them. Fine with me!

I've noted in recent entries that I am impulsive lately. My impulse -- thank God I fought it -- was to just say, "You know, it was really nice working with you. But I won't be coming back in."

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