Saturday, January 05, 2008


The rants about frustration with people who do not know how to get on or off the subway without being in the way of everyone are endless. But I have a problem that is going to get me beat up or killed one day. I get loud and sometimes physical with people about it, and, sometimes, it's on behalf of complete strangers.

For example, yesterday when I was getting off the train at 42nd Street, this woman in front of me is trying to get through the crowd of dumbasses standing in front of the opening doors. I'm right behind her. She bumps into this other woman, and the woman whines, "*Excuse* me!", and then -- then! -- a grown ass man PUSHES the woman who was completely in the right trying to get through the crowd.

Oh hell no. This guy was big and mean looking but it didn't stop my lanky, puny self from elbowing him in the gut and pushing him to the ground. People gasped in shock and clutched their pearls. I said, loudly, "DON'T STAND IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING DOORS WHEN PEOPLE ARE GETTING OFF AT RUSH HOUR." And then I walked briskly -- never running because I trip people who run in subway stations -- to my other train, heart beating heavily with satisfaction, all the way home. :)

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Anonymous said...

Girl, I am shocked!!!