Monday, January 28, 2008

Not a coincidence that "culture" also describes bacterial growth in a petri dish.

Today I took the entire day off work to go to a doctor's appointment that was scheduled for 2:00 PM and took all of 30 minutes. This was unrelated to the phage that I had earlier, which I have been miraculously cured from. My staff of doctors and specialists are keeping me ALIVE and ABLE!

This appointment was in Chelsea so I had to get in and out quick since I wasn't wearing my burqa, and having finished my newspaper I needed some reading material for the train ride back, so I did what I never do: I bought a magazine. Time Out NY to be exact, the issue dedicated to how to remain "sane" in NYC. Honey let me tell you those magazine people don't know shit. If a walk in Central Park or "art therapy" was gonna do the trick, I would have already finger-painted my park-walking ass into a portrait of Mental Health.

But as I grow increasingly insane -- which is directly related to irritation and frustration with the hell of other people -- I have managed to find a moment's solace in The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, wherein one of the points he makes is that religion gets a free pass for "respect" no matter what. We are allowed to criticize and ridicule anything but religion. Well I would go one step further and expand from "religion" to "culture". How much loud, obnoxious, offensive behavior do I have to put up with in the name of "culture"? "Culture" ranges from slicing up young girls genitals to talking too loud to not's a catch-all that lets people get away with some shit that we should not just accept from people, because it's their "culture". I hate your culture. Maybe we're all just using the word too loosely.

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