Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have been so sick since Friday. Just on the verge of collapse, I can hardly move, I'm so cold, and my head is full of snot. I need a damn home attendent to come in and clean this pit of despair. Anyway I'm tired of that stupid story being the first thing one comes to here so here's Betty -- something to consider as Mitt Romney makes his move for the White House?

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bitchphd said...

Don't die!

Two recipes for you.

1. big piece of ginger, teaspoon of cayenne, juice of a lemon, couple cloves garlic, some honey. Blender. 1 tbsp/hour. Will kill germs fast (and tastes surprisingly palatable).

2. hot brandy, water, li'l nutmeg and cinnamon. Also tea with B&B. Won't kill germs, but tastes damn good.