Thursday, January 03, 2008

Violence and Political Unrest in Kenya

Kenya is all over the news for the (at this point) over 300 dead and 100,000 "displaced" in violence related to the recent elections that were deemed undemocratic by the rival opponent and also outside monitors. This is an alarming situation because we in the West think of Kenya as one of the African continents stable countries. How quickly violence can whip itself up, and violence breeds violence, as violence against one ethnic group is of course seen as the other group's occassion for reciprocal violence.

Anywya, my "internet friends" Brad and Whitney, whose blogs and what-not I have followed for a long time, happen to be Peace Corps volunteers in Kenya at the moment. They are safe but alert. You can read first hand accounts of theirs in their Yahoo group. One of many interesting things they've noted is how people who support the winner of the allegedly rigged vote don't seem to care about the unfairness -- and isn't that the case everywhere? People don't give a crap if it's fair or not as long as their guy wins.

(This is my 1000th post.)

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