Friday, February 15, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- "Queen's Gambit"

After Sarah burned the poor chump Adam's house down, he rebuild The Turk from memory. Sarah, John and Cameron find themselves at the computer vs. computer chess tournament the The Turk is expected to win...and the creators thereafter win a military contract, fueling the fear that The Turk is the precursor to Skynet, and Adam the future creator of Skynet.

But The Turk loses and Adam and his partner therefor loses the military contract. He still ends up dead, and I'm a little confused how Kyle Reese's brother's appearance in 2007 works with the timeline, but that's neither here nor there.

My insight is that Cameron is a variation of the T-X. This is not my original thought, but one that has been around on the internet because of her glowing blue eyes which are reminiscent of the badass T-X from T3 (which incidentally is on a seperate timeline than the show and T2). If she is like the T-X though, she can control machines, and while she was standing right behind The Turk in the competition, she caused it to miscalculate and lose. Perhaps to appease Sarah and John, to whom she repeatedly suggested just killing Adam. Thoughs Terminator fans?

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