Thursday, February 28, 2008

They're all dead.

Two questions.

One: The easiest way to start off with mapping your family tree is to ask your living relatives who was who as far back as they can remember. I have gotten pretty far back on a lot of my family using living family members and others' research, however, I've reached an impasse with the part of the family that has my own last name. I can't seem to find anything past my great grandfather on that side. No one seems to remember, even my grandmother, who would be his son's daughter-in-law. Granted I've only really been using the internet, but where would one start with this? What are the steps in finding this elusive person's name and history, and working back from there?

Two: Would a tattoo on your collar bone really hurt? I have a relatively big threshold for pain -- I'm a gay man who works for a bunch of Christians so I am used to a degree of torture -- but that shit gonna hurt, right on the bone?

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