Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Always a business doing pleasure with ya

Maybe you heard that Governor Eliot Spitzer is in the midst of a prostitution scandal -- allegeldy having spent $80,000 on hookers over the years -- and is set to resign today. This is right in the midst of his the "investigation" playing out around his misuse of state troopers to keep tabs on his political enemy Joseph Bruno, dubbed the "Dirty Tricks" scandal, a phrase which now has a whole new meaning.

Meanwhile, Wall Streeters are celebrating this because of his crackdowns on corruption inherrent to the stockbroking and finance trades. And I'm sure Joseph Bruno has been doing a little dance since Monday. Celebration time or not, Wall Street is still an institution rife with corruption, and Joseph Bruno still creeps me the fuck out. When one person turns out to be a hypocrite, it doesn't make people doing rotten things suddenly good people.

I feel sorry for his wife and his daughters. It's always the poor wife standing beside the fallen politician, whether he's visiting hookers or trying to get some trade in a public restroom, solemn faced and wishing there were a rock close enough to hide under until it all goes away. And the whores...I feel sorry for them too on a number of levels.

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