Thursday, March 27, 2008

The God of Animals

I'm in Reno, and on the way here I finished The God of Animals,, a great novel about a 12 year old girl's "coming of age" on her family's horse ranch. It is an amazing piece of writing that makes me want to sit down and write something. And it is full of wisdom about people -- loneliness, cruelty, searches for approval, and the selfish versus the selfless. I can't recommend the book highly enough. Definatly worth it, considering I picked it up because I just liked the title.

That said, the physical book itself became a metaphor for my life. Right as I was reaching the end, I discovered that the copy I had purchased was misprinted, basically missing a little over an entire chapter which, after finishing what I had of the book, was pretty much the fucking climax. I could kind of piece together what had happened, but it was disappointing because I really wanted to know what happened to little Alice, and why the final episode came to pass. I walked to Target just now and read the pages I missed, but, the point is, just like my life, right when you get to the good part something goes wrong. Something is accidentally left out, missing.

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