Monday, March 03, 2008

High Anxiety

Readers may know that I am TERRIFIED and OBSESSED with the bedbug epidimic plaguing NYC, other areas, and the hotel industry. Well yesterday my roommate told me that she took the trash out and there was a mattress laying down in the trash area with a big sign on it that read: Do Not Reuse, INFESTED. I can only assume this means "infested with bedbugs." This has sent me into a panic because they spread in apartment buildings. If I get fucking bedbugs from one of my damn neighbors I swear I am leaving everything in that apartment and moving with just my cats and the freshly washed clothes on my back to somewhere less nasty and dangerous than NYC and STARTING FROM SCRATCH.

I couldn't sleep last night but not because of bedbug anxiety, but because of my roommates boyfriend. I havn't really written about this situation much here because it is hugely complicated -- moreso than it seems on the surface -- but anyway the jist of it is he is loud and does things that, as a guest, should just not be done. I've addressed all of this a number of times, trying to be sensitive and sympathetic. So this morning when he came in and woke me up with banging around and being generally loud, I got up and sent my roommate and email while she was fast asleep about all the issues I'm having, expecting her to get it this morning so we can just settle this and I can live my life. Of course she called in sick today so it will be sitting there until tomorrow (she only checks it at work, I think).

Also if I ever hear them having sex again I'm sending the cats in with claws out. Heterosexuality and its noises is just GROSS. ;)

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bitchphd said...

Put bedbugs in your roommate's mattress.