Sunday, March 23, 2008

I died a hundred times

I'm a little sad here on Easter Sunday because the reality that I'm about to leave Fantasyland, NC -- a place where work is fun things like site visits, boys are cute and plentiful, food and drink pour freely, mornings are lazy and nights are long, the weather is warm and life is easy, driving is "riding dirty" in my case, and it's all on an expense account -- is sinking in.

Also, after talking to my mom and her detailing the intercounty tour to put flowers on all the graves of dead relatives, the somber realization sinks in that I will one day carry on that tradition.

The week ahead is a long one. Back to normal when I return tomorrow. Back to work and roommates and cat parenting. Back to the gym (I raped and murdered Mrs. Winners last night and cannabilized her ass). But lots of mixed emotions about everything to think about. One last night in Charlotte.

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