Saturday, March 22, 2008

Implementing the S

"NSF", aka "NSA", are three little letters that stand for a certain kind of agreement among those who would hook up. The agreement is broken upon one persons trying to implement the "S". Sometimes this is consensual but more often than not it is one person wanting the S and the other getting the hell out of there. Beware implementing the "S", if you are enjoying your hook up -- and take some time to look inward for where the feelings are coming from that would make you want to do so, when they are clearly not being reciprocated.

I find myself in a potential consensual act of implementing the S but I think we are both wary and it's not like we've known each other more than a week anyway, so...

Anyway, I forget where I heard it put so succinctly but it is true: in any relationship the person who cares about the relationship's duration the LEAST has the control. For this reason I always try to care the least, but I usually end up being the opposite.

I get to typing and then realize how somber and severe and serious it sounds, when I'm trying to just be kind of lightheartedly insightful. Anyhoo, I'm off to ye olde Warehouse 29 now to set that bitch on fire. More later. Happy Easter.

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