Monday, March 10, 2008

In which I bitch a little bit

There is no place like New York City, and that is not always a good thing. New York is indeed the Capital of the World and the nation’s center for theater, art, music, literature, fashion and everything important. But it is also filthy and loud unlike any other place. Today in the NY Post there was this article about the City’s loudest neighborhoods. Two of these areas regularly have decibel readings that are considered dangerous to humans. One of those areas is Washington Heights, where I lived for a year in a flophouse. Maybe this is why my hearing is all shot to hell. Nonetheless I’m very sensitive to noise and feel increasingly desperate for some peace and quiet, of which I get very little being in this city, and sharing an apartment with an admittedly LOUD person. But I digress.

The print article quotes two little 20-something shits (strangely missing from the web version) who both make the claim that if you don’t like the noise, “you shouldn’t have come here”. To these typical newcomers I reply with the newsflash that there are people who did not “come here”, but have been here for their whole lives*. These are the kind of people who whine incessantly the minute they are affected by something that is considered “par for the course” in New York. Yet, they become authorities on what makes New York New York and what you should be expected to tolerate when you “come here”. They also assume that New York has always been like it is when they got here ten minutes ago. They also think that their dreams are going to come true and that being a New Yorker makes them in some way special. I hate these people.

In my recent travels I have to say that every place is missing some of the things that New York has, but every place has also has a level of peacefulness that goes unappreciated because people from those places don’t know what it means to catch a downtown train at rush hour or to live in a apartment that is so old you hear every step anyone takes through the whole building due to squeaky hardwood floors. If I ever moved to say, Louisville or Charlotte, my major worry would be getting fat. I would likely sleep like a baby and be washed in a feeling of liberation. Of course, I’d miss all this madness and the opportunities that are here.

In other news, there are traces of sedatives in the New York City water supply, which I have no problem with. In fact, a big part of me thinks they should just pump fucking valium in by the gallons so all these spaztastic fools can just chill out a little bit, myself included.

*Granted the natives are big contributors to the noise and they know this is true.


MT said...

"Capital of the World." (And to think you get this kind of service for free)

Stroll said...

Dang! I always have trouble with that one...thanks Murky. I might start small paymens for services rendered.