Thursday, March 06, 2008

Times Square Bombed

This morning I woke up, took a shower, and immediately headed to the airport for a flight to Louisville, KY. So when the flight attendant asked me (I was sitting in the very front seat) if I had heard about Times Square, I had not. To hear her tell it, a nuclear device destroyed Manhattan and surrounding areas. Of course I later realize it was a little homemade bomb at the Army recruitment center, and no one was hurt, but it's still frightening and angering.

The very first job I ever had in New York City was on Wall Street at TD Waterhouse -- which I think has since shut down or changed hands or something. As has always been the case -- and continues to be the case in my life -- getting to a job at 9:00 AM is a struggle to say the least. One day when I was rushing down there, I ran into a major delay -- some little homemade bomb, the style of which was similar to the Times Square incident this morning -- had gone off right across the street.

K-rock was telling me one time about this woman she knows, the wife of a big-time rich-ass TV producer, who happened to know OJ Simpson. She was telling K-rock how nice of a guy OJ is. When K-rock asked, " you think he did it?" the woman's reply was, "Oh yeah he definitely did it. He's still a nice guy though." The woman then went on to explain how she finds it amazing that people don't just lose their shit and kill each other a lot more often than they do.

We live in this scary dangerous world and New York is particularly scary in regards to, like, murder and people trying to blow things up. But I have to agree with that woman...I'm really amazed there is not just widespread destruction, chaos and murder all the time all over the place, especially in New York. Lord knows everyone here has been driven a little bit crazy.

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