Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When I got home from Texas, I saw that my roommate's door was wide open, the bathroom door was open, and every light in the house was on. This clearly indicated to me that her boyfriend had been staying the night and leaving after she had left for work, which we had discussed as something that I don't like, but that has continued to happen anyway.

Well of course with that door wide open, Buddy siezed the opportunity to try out a new, soft place to sleep for a while -- her bed.

She was pissed, but of course this is her own fault, or rather, her boyfriend's. I heard them fighting about it (like I hear everything from them, they are so loud).

She asked to borrow my lint roller to remove the cat hair, and when I was getting it, I heard her say to Buddy -- who was chillin in his kitty kondominium, "Don't bow your head now Buddy, you already did what you did!"

So I filled in for Buddy, "Oh he ain't worried about it, he's just wondering why you didn't close your door if you're so pissed off." And I laughed the laugh of the well to do.

She said, "It's not funny, Stroll! I really hate cat hair!"

Oh, honey, it is funny. It's fucking hilarious.

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