Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Chris Crocker needs to make a “Leave Miley Alone” video because it needs to be said and heard! I think it is a damn shame that she had the photo shoot, and then after an “outcry” she is forced to apologize for some pictures that are not even “racy”. Everyone’s blaming her parents, but for what? For getting into an industry and making, literally, a BILLION dollars, and then having her pose with her back exposed? That’s nothing, really. Is this picture of a makeup-less Miley any worse than the picture on her MySpace, one hand on hip, one hand over head, ass sticking out, or the glammed up Hanna Montana who is like a Jeanbenet Ramsey all grown up, well at least by a few years?

NO! If you want to protest something don’t harp on Miley – how about you recognize and accept the fact that our popular culture – including Disney – is built on a firm FOUNDATION of caking makeup on young girls, sluttin’ ‘em up a little, and then sending them into the hopes of a long career of gyrating and singing with the aid of computer technology. But since she is fifteen people take notice? Is this simply because fifty year old men aren’t allowed to fantasize about her for three more years? Leave Miley alone, I say!

Meanwhile the news-media, who, as so eloquently put in I Am Legend, would continue to try to sell papers while the world turns into cannibals, lusts for the moment she screws up. At fifteen I think she’s doing okay, ‘cause at fifteen I can tell you a certain young man (not me of course) was having strait up gay sex and smoking pot AT SCHOOL. The girl took a picture! They are just desperate for her to shave her head, have a coke overdose, or do a sex video. Everyone who is acting like they are all concerned about her legions of fans for whom she is a “role model” needs to parent their kids! Get your daughters Guardasil, show them the commercial where the girl gets drunk and the next day has a dirty video being passed around on cell phones at school, PARENT your own little brats and leave Miley Cyrus ALONE!!!!

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